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Swanvesta Social Club

Who Are They?

Bish Bash faves return after braving the Arctic conditions in 2019.

Named affectionately after their Cuban heroes, The Buena Vista Social Club, The Swanvestas blend anglo-latin percussion and melodic patterns to create a unique party sound. They mix Cuban folk songs, classic pop songs and originals in a vibrant, exciting way. The line-up features horns, flute and guitars, with up to 4 percussionists - the live show is irresistible. Highly entertaining, funny, serious, folky, rocky, funky, punky, embraces all ages and tastes - the band is all this and more. You will never hear a band quite like them: you will want to come back for more. ​

When Are They On?

The The Bish Stage on Friday 3rd June 2022 at 16:45

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