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Ancient Geeks

Who Are They?

The Ancient Geeks is a Bishop’s Stortford covers band that was inaugurated at a meeting in January 2013 with actions to buy a bass guitar and to find somewhere to rehearse.  Our objective was simply that it should be “good fun”.

A couple of weeks later we started weekly practice sessions at and managed to knock out a dodgy version of Losing My Religion. 

After a very short period of time it became clear that we really could do with a drummer and someone who could sing.  Fortunately, in March 2013, a couple of Monks vowed to join and the line up of ancient geeks was complete.

We’ve been rehearsing diligently ever since at Soul Studios (a highly-recommended venue by the way), and almost as diligently buying guitars, keyboards, and other instruments that make a noise when you hit or shake them.

We’ve gigged in a variety of pubs, gazebos, halls, cafes, and open spaces, but this is our first time at a music festival.  We hope that you like our set and that you’re enjoying the festival.  It should be “good fun”!

When Are They On?

The The Bash Stage on Saturday 5th May 2018 at 16:30

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