Wilko Johnson


Chairman Hughes

John Mann

Mary Bourke Paddy Lennox Ronnie Golden The Bluetones The Fog The Muffin Heads Death Of Guitar Pop Riviera LOZT RALFY Gavin Chappell-Bates Dan Starr Withered Hand Play People Superhero Party Vertaal Open Mic The Franklys JONO Madcap Stranger Stacey McCarthy Acoustic Duo Professor Pop's Bubble School Love Hobbs & Frances Levy Sticks & Stones Bill Tarran Morrissey Men Sing-a-longa Dick Karen Johnson & Tony Clark Future West Pet Needs Janina Vigurs Storytelling Stevie Leeks & Mr B Cherry & Peesh Tom Dulieu Alice Redgewell & Nia Sophie in Reverie Not My Circus Play People Princess Party Neil Gowans & The Winos Eleanor Hewins Glymjack Maystones Open Mic Tom Brace Magician Ivory Stones Phoenix Clowns The Rolling Clones The Muggabees The Real McKoys Simon Williams and The Neverists Blues Inc Transparent Human Creatures Steve Ingrey The Trash Elliot Porter St Clair Pat Crilly & Paul Hilder Riviera When Rivers Meet Among the Citizens Roisin O`Hagan Anna Wells Hannah Scott Tom Brace Magician Art Block Ancient Geeks BSUS Ron Atkinson Swanvesta Social Club Play People Princess Party Andy Wilson Dusty Wagons Open Mic Wild Stag Play People Superhero Party Scarlet Thomas - Sounds Like Teen Spirit winner Phoenix Clowns

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