This page lists all acts and performances for Friday 3rd June.

11:30Facepainting and Royal Crafts ALL DAYChildren's Tent
11:35Pup Patrol Children's Tent
12:00Graham McIsaacStortford Sound System DJ Tent
12:00Impurtonance The Bash Stage
12:30Livewire Rock Academy - KidsThe Bish Stage
12:30Jo ClackThe Bandstand
12:30Heroes: Into the Spidey-VerseChildren's Tent
12:55Clark & JohnsonThe Bandstand
13:15CollarsThe Bash Stage
13:20Cider At YoursThe Bandstand
13:30Frozen AdventuresChildren's Tent
13:45Bill JohnsonThe Bandstand
13:45James White and The Wild Fire The Bish Stage
14:00Simon BakerStortford Sound System DJ Tent
14:10TroiThe Bandstand
14:15Ramona MarxThe Bash Stage
14:15Jubilee ParadeThe Bish Stage
14:30Mini Disco Dance PartyChildren's Tent
14:35The One After 909sThe Bandstand
15:00Pete DoffStortford Sound System DJ Tent
15:00India PurtonThe Bandstand
15:10Hanako WardThe Bandstand
15:15Big Door Prize The Bash Stage
15:20BilliannaThe Bandstand
15:30Family Game ShowChildren's Tent
15:30Graham InstrallThe Bandstand
15:40Joe HazellThe Bandstand
15:45VertaalThe Bish Stage
15:50Ella BrandThe Bandstand
16:00Pat Crilly & Paul Hilder The Bandstand
16:00Ash SamwaysStortford Sound System DJ Tent
16:15Blues Inc The Bash Stage
16:25Peter CrossleyThe Bandstand
16:30Meet The VilliansChildren's Tent
16:45Swanvesta Social ClubThe Bish Stage
16:50Luke James Williams The Bandstand
17:15Junkyard Dawg Jug BandThe Bandstand
17:30Pirates Ahoy!Children's Tent
17:30Bikini Beach BandThe Bash Stage
18:00Thursdays BandThe Bandstand
18:15Boo RadleysThe Bish Stage
18:45Elliot PorterThe Bandstand
19:15The Faux Fighters The Bash Stage
19:30ParkerThe Bandstand
20:00Collapsed LungThe Bish Stage
21:00DarlingsThe Bash Stage
21:45Uncle Funk's Disco InfernoThe Bish Stage

47 total acts

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