This page lists all acts and performances for Saturday 4th June.

11:30Facepainting and Royal Crafts ALL DAYChildren's Tent
11:35Princess Sing-a-longChildren's Tent
12:00Graham McIsaacStortford Sound System DJ Tent
12:00Livewire Rock Academy - AdultsThe Bish Stage
12:30PJ GangChildren's Tent
12:30Lucky SundayThe Bash Stage
13:00Neil Gowans and The WinosThe Bish Stage
13:20Stephen Aravena and Richard Johnson The Bandstand
13:30Jedi Training Children's Tent
13:30JONO The Bash Stage
13:45Jay WilliamsThe Bandstand
14:00Murray Torkildsen Stortford Sound System DJ Tent
14:00Wasted RhymesThe Bish Stage
14:30Terry HiscockThe Bash Stage
14:30Holding Poison Children's Tent
14:35Mini Disco Dance PartyThe Bandstand
14:45Archie Eastlake The Bandstand
14:55Sofia GatlandThe Bandstand
15:00Bill TarranThe Bish Stage
15:30Sugarcoated Sisters The Bash Stage
15:30Ryan ThwaitsChildren's Tent
15:30Family Game ShowThe Bandstand
15:55JONO The Bandstand
16:00Dan Starr The Bish Stage
16:00Kopy KatzStortford Sound System DJ Tent
16:20Ash SamwaysThe Bandstand
16:30Elliot PorterChildren's Tent
16:45Dino Explorers The Bandstand
16:45Alice WalkerThe Bash Stage
17:15Blues ExportThe Bish Stage
17:15The Real McKoysThe Bandstand
17:30Sheri Kershaw BandChildren's Tent
18:00Wizarding SchoolThe Bandstand
18:45Linda MoylanThe Bish Stage
18:45Royal Cockney Supercalifragilisticexpijubilatus BingoThe Bandstand
19:30SwingersThe Bash Stage
20:15Joe Hazell BandThe Bish Stage
21:15Dirty Strangers The Bash Stage
22:00Buster Shuffle The Bish Stage

41 total acts

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